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Focus Atlas-1311 Flatbed UV printer

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Industrial level 1311 high spray 20mm embossing varnish print digital uv printing machine UV printer


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Print different

 Printing height for Industrial level 1311 high spray 10mm embossing varnish print digital uv printing machine

UV printer is as high as 320MM. Cover all printing materials High-jet 20MM printing technology,

to achieve a large number of surface material printing, providing perfect solutions

 for special-shaped materials such as toys, Lego, packaging, gifts, handicrafts and other industries


                                             ☑Machine Image


                                                ☑Technical detail

 1.X-axis use 2 pcs imported silent linear guide, make sure higher printing accuracy 

2.Y-axis use QHH30 two-way enlarged silent guide with 3005 high-precision double screw,

make sure high running accuracy

 3.The XYZ axis is driven all by servo motors, and the XY axis is driven by 750W closed-loop servo motors.

4.Secondary ink cartridge heating technology + real-time temperature control display,

greatly improving ink fluency and stability.

5.All color and white ink cartridges with automatic stirring system, plus white ink

automatic circulation system, effectively preventing ink sediment

 6.130x110cm max.printing size32cm printing height

7.Equipepd with UV water cooling system, Vacuum adsorption system etc.

8. 3pcs UV LED Lamps on Industrial level 1311 high spray 20mm embossing varnish print

digital uv printing machine UV printer to make the ink dry faster and make the printing area bigger.

9.white and color ink printing at the same time in one pass.

10.high quality colorful picture printing with Focus ICC printing profile.

11. Max. 32cm object height available for this Industrial level 1311 high spray 10mm embossing

varnish print digital uv printing machine UV printer to be adjusted to meet more requirements

from clients and can print 8 pcs of mugs together with special mug pallet.

 12.1-4pcs G5I heads/2-7 CE4 heads/2-3 pcs  I3200U1 heads opational to install



                                                         ☑Printing effect

                                                          ☑Company information 

                                                                     Who we are?

 FocusInc Industrial Co., Ltd. is a top brand supplier for UV flatbed printer and direct to garment printer

specialized in digital printers.

We are located in beautiful modern city, Shanghai, China. Factory is located in high technology city Shenzhen.

Focusinc keep bringing breakthrough new printers to the market over decades,

more than 100 countries clients choose Focusinc to starts their own printing business.

Special design, long durability, friendly operating system, capable of running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We are committed to providing high-quality, environmental-friendly UV and DTG printers,

devoted ourselves to technological innovation, which is why client choose FocusInc.

FocusInc, All For customer’s value!


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Discount season!!!

The top 50 to send inquiry will get special discount!!!


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Focus Inkjet ALTAS-1311 UV Printer
Print Technology: Micro Piezo Inkjet Print Head: Ricoh G5I
Head Channel: 12 channels Head number: 3 print heads-white+color+varnish
UV system: 100-Degree adjustable Cooling system: Water cooling
Temperature adjust: Auto on/off. 25-35℃ Head protection: Intelligent anti-scratch  
Max. print thickness: 320MM High-jet: 10MM
Print model: Unidirection/Bidirection Print type: One pass/Single/Copies
Head cleaning:  Auto flushing+Keep wet Max. print size: 130*110cm
Ink type: UV ink Ink process system: Auto shaking + circulation
Rip software: Oruilong RIP Ink system: Refill ink tank system
Color model: 6-color(CMYK+White+Varnish) Print model: 3D. Wave. Rand. Eclosion
System require: WINXP/WIN7/WIN10 32/64bit Working environment:  18-25℃, 50% Humidity
Electric supply:   110V/220V Working power: 120W

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