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Focus Fairy-Jet Pro selfie latte coffee art printer

Focus Fariy-Jet Pro selfie latte coffee art printer machine was manufactured as a homemade printer with HP print head, it is a one cup and 4 color model. A good choice for kiosk coffee shop customers and special printing require with small size and industrial printing speed. Basic color CMYK and Original coffee color. Amazing printing speed 3-5s/cup with Continues Ink Supply Syetem. 

To design your own PALACE of ART in this printing area. Smiley faces, friends, family members, celebrities, lovely animals, cartoon charactors, beautiful scenery, quotes, etc. What are you waiting for? Come and do it. Let her make your coffee shop more colorful.

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Focus Fairy-Jet Pro selfie latte coffee art printer

Print head

economic print head 

Print Color


Printing Speed


Max. height of object


Max. Printing resolution

600*600dpi(economic print head)

Ink Tank Volume



edible ink 

Height Adjust

Automatic/Manual Adjust

Printing Object Height Examine

Automatic Detecting

Print head Protection

Intelligent Self Protect System


110-220V 50-60HZ 75W

Printing Interface


Operation System


Working Environment

10-35 C,20-80 RH

Max. printing weight


Printer Size


Shipping Size


Gloss. W. Net. Weight




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1. Advanced Micro Piezo Pigment Inkjet is used for Focus Fairy-Jet Pro, high technology makes the printer to be more intellective and have nice printing version with the max resolution 600*600 dpi.

 2. Our Focus Fairy-Jet Pro selfie coffee printer will save more room for you with the space saving design. You can lay it in the bar counter directly. The attractive appearance will attract more clients for you. 

3. Automatic height adjustment makes the printing speed be more fast, and 3s for a cup of coffee picture printing.

4. Intellectualized software is getting in touch with new fashions. USB connection, QR code scanning, the Customers could DIY their favorite pictures and print them out.

5. Do you think that it can only print on coffee? It's amazing design allows it to print on flowers with special flower holder.

6. Focus Fairy-Jet Pro selfie coffee printer with edible ink can directly print on the cake, coffee, macaron, cookies, etc. It is very simple to operate this machine. Anyone can operate it very well after brief training.

7. Support max. material thickness 18cm. And the tray could move automatically to have a sense for the printed item.

8. Low cost of printing image, less procedures of production. You can take pictures at the scene directly through the camera to print with the Focus Fairy-Jet Pro selfie coffee printer with edible ink.

9. You can scan the QR code to transit the pictures through your mobile phone directly, also you can add words with the color you like on the picture to printer by this Fairy-Jet with edible ink

10. The perfect packing mode will protect the machine when transporting and you will get your printer with satisfaction.



 1. We provide 13 months guarantee since the shipping date. All broken parts except some certain consumes will be exchanged for free.

 2. We provide professional English version user manual, installation video go with products delivery to guide you the installation and daily maintenance.

 3. We provide 2-3 days free online training by webcamera and Teamviewer remote login technology.

 4. Focus engineer will fly to your site for final repair if needed.

 5. Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

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