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LED UV flatbed printer



Print Technology:  Micro Piezo Inkjet    
Print Head:  2pcs  DX10/DX11/DX5/DX7
Head Channel:  12 channels    
Head number:  2-head, White+Color
Head protection:  Intelligent anti-scratch  
Max. print size:  60*40cm
Print model:  Unidirection/Bidirction

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Print Technology:  MicroPiezo Inkjet Print Head:  2pcs DX10/DX11
Head Channel:  12 channel Head number:  2 head, White+Color
UV system:  100 Degree adjustable Cooling system:  Air cooling system
Temperature adjust:  Auto on/off. 25-35 UV length:  395-405nm
Head protection:  Inteligence anti-scratch Print speed:  8Pass 5m²/h   12Pass 4m²/h
Print model:  Unidirection/Bidirction Print resolution:  720*720dpi-720*3080dpi
Print type: One pass/Single/Copies White layer:  Bottom/Top/Mirror
Rip software:  FocusRIPV9.07/RIPPRINT/WASATCH Image type:  Tiff, Jpeg, Png, Psd
Repeat precision:  0.1mm Head cleaning:  Auto flushing+Keep wet
Max. print size:  60*40cm Print media:  Hard/Flexiable/Bottle
Media thickness adjust:  Software auto detection      Max. print thickness:  15CM
Ink type:  UV ink Ink system:  Refill ciss system
Ink process system: Auto shaking + circulation Ink level:  Auto detection+Auto alarm
Color model:   7color(CMYK+LC+LM+White) Tank volume:  550ml refill
Color Rendition:  ICC profile+Curve Position type:  Laser marking
Print table: Vacuum adsorption Table treatment:  Teflon coating
Print model: 3D. Wave. Rand. Enclosion Motion config:  Servo motor
Control interface:  Control panel+Software Drive config:  Linear rail+Duall ball screw
System require: WINXP/WIN7/WIN10 32/64bit Working enviroment:  18-25, 50% Humidity
Working power: 480W Electric supply:   110V/220V
Interface: USB2.0/3.0/TCPIP Gross weight/Net weight:  200KG/150KG
Packing size: 1500mm*1200mm*92mm Machine size:  1286mm*565mm*730mm


Finished samples

Application of Factory high quality dx10 cylinder a2 uv printer to print white and color by one pass

Glass, plastic, metal, cylinder bottles, leather, acrylic, wood, PVC, ABS, stone, cardboard, paper, balls, pens, phone cases, id cards, sheets, bags, boxes, photo album, oil paintings, slipper etc.



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About us

bottle u flatbed print

Focus Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

was set up in Shanghai, China, who is a manufacturer to R&D the best and potential DTG printer, digital UV flatbed printer, CTS computer for screen imaging system, signs &adverting products. With 17 years experience, we have the ability to supply all products in reasonable price and real-time support lean upon our own production line, professional engineers, strict parts purchase channel and altitudinal responsible action.



Our mission is to make the best solution for international printing industry!
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The first thing we do to enlarge we Focus Group is to build a team like family, so you can feel the essence of our company's culture from your heart and truly believe it.


What is our culture? 

- High quality  

Even one or two ball screws is enough for supporting the motion of printer, but we use four strong ones with the same price as two ball screws.

- professional best service 

There are 1326 screws in one 6090 uv printer and we can tell you exactly where and how to fix when problems come.

- conscience-based  

Think and do as a customer.




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bottle uv flatbed printer


bottle uv flatbed printer



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bottle uv flatbed printer

It's so appreciated that we have gained numerous customers trust from all over the world, which is the impetus for us to do better in the next 10 year and lots of another ten years.




1. We support 13 months warranty.

2. Professional after sale service team.

3. Completely English using manual and installation videos ( also has trouble shooting videos)

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