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What can a uv printer do?

Time: 2019-08-08

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material (called a "substrate"), specially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing - or drying - the ink instantly. Originally developed for quickly drying gel nail polishes during manicures, ultraviolet light applications quickly expanded into industrial and commercial markets. Because the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately, the dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread out once printed, resulting in much finer detail. In addition, UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading. This curing process is more environmentally friendly as it produces few VOC’s, odor, and heat. UV curing also allows the flatbed printer to be used with nontraditional materials like acrylic or aluminum. In fact, there are different printing size and types uv printer. The Max printing height with the small uv printers is always 6-8cm, but for our Galaxy-Jet X 6090 uv printer is 20cm. This distance can match more different printing materials. 



Why We Love UV Printing

The introduction of the UV flatbed printer is a great addition to our custom production abilities. The flatbed design of the UV printer allows us to produce the same high quality work as our solvent printers, only on thicker substrates! Our silk screening machinery does accommodate thicker materials, like acrylic, however these orders typically come with minimum order quantities which might not meet the needs of every customer. This same high quality output with added flexibilty makes the new printer a great companion to our current production abilities!

UV flatbed printer solved many problems. For nowadays, more and more people like the products with their own style. But for this position, it's really hard for customer to print it with traditional screen printing. Why? Cause it has minimum order quantities such as 5000,6000 or more. This makes customers orders restrictively. They have to give up this part of DIY market. Not only DIY market but also High-tech Industry. Why do we also talk about the High-tech Industry? In this world, "faster, faster, faster, time is money." And uv printer can print the rendering in few minutes, this is much more convinient and increase work productivity. 


UV flatbed printers feature some of the most up-to-date printing technology on the market today. For this printing technology, you can custom different materials, different pictures, different styles in this custom marketing. Small investment with large return.


Let's show you about different printing application.

Here we go!